[DEADLINE: 5th November 2016]



We’re looking for 5 girls and 5 guys to take part in our ‘Feedback Programme‘. First come first served. We’re looking to better understand our product, what you like/don’t like about Kaizen, and how we can ultimately build a better product for you!

In return for your help, we’ll give you:

  • FREE 6 Month Membership
  • 10 Protein Shakers

Kaizen App 6 Month Membership

How it works?

  • Fill out the form below 👇.
  • We’ll give you a Free Month to use Kaizen.
  • Get sweaty using any of the plans on the platform.
  • At the end of each week we’ll send you a 5 min feedback questionnaire (and maybe check in with you via email)
  • The feedback programme takes only 4 weeks and at the end of the programme we’ll send you 10 free protein shakers & activate your 6 Month Free Membership to say……. ” Thanks!”

Deadline is 5th November 2016. One more thing it’s first come first served, meaning we only allow the first 5 guys and first 5 girls onto the programme. If you’re unlucky and miss out on this opportunity then we will be reopening applications for the next ‘Feedback Programme‘ sometime next month, so stay posted.


*not seeing the form? Try this: https://goo.gl/forms/x0ddpaySvA00MCFg1

Good luck,


** We can only offer this to users that aren’t currently subscribed, sorry 🙁

CEO & Co-Founder of Kaizen. Loves fitness and Burgers.