Every Thursday around 2pm GMT time, Apple refresh their features list in the App Store. We’re delighted to announce that we got featured by Apple in the Health & Fitness category. This is such a huge achievement for us and a goal we’ve been working incredibly hard towards since we launched last year. Only a handful of the 2 millionĀ apps in the app store have the privilege of getting featured and I’m incredibly proud of what our small team has been able to accomplish.

We knew thatĀ the best way to grow any product is to make it better and to listen to your audience. We listen to all sorts of feedback and spent hoursĀ imagining what it’s like to be in ourĀ users shoes. The current build (1.5) available in store is completely unrecognisable from our first release back in April 2016. The UI has been completely overhauled, the user experience is more intuitive and the workout flow significantly significantly better than before. Looking back now, it’s almost impossible understand how or why we made some of the design decisions that we made haha, but I guess at the end of the day it’s all part of the process. I’m a firm believer in just getting something out there, testing it, improving it, and repeating it.

There are thousands of articles online with developers asking “How do I get featured by Apple?”, “What’s the easiest way to get featured by Apple?”, “Who do I contact to get featured?” etc. etc. The truth is I still don’t really know how either. All I know is, if you create a great product that your users will love, Apple will start to take notice. Unsurprisingly Apple don’t like to give too much away and are very opaque aboutĀ the whole process, so it’s definitely not worth spamming them hoping they pick it up. But all I would say is, build an app in a space you feel incredibly passionate about, learn to love the best bits about your product and don’t get too attached to the areas that aren’t working. Test, build, execute, test, build, execute, test, build execute……until you have a product everyone with a bloody smartphone loves. If you don’t build a product users love you will eventually fail. You’ll have setbacks and think everything’s turning to s**t, feel sorry for yourself for 1 min, and then realise that it’s up to you to figure out a solution.


Although we don’t claim to be the finished article, we take some comfort in the fact that we’re heading in the right(ish) direction. šŸ˜‰

Onwards an upwards!



CEO & Co-Founder of Kaizen. Loves fitness and Burgers.